cdc-logo The Obesity Epidemic 7 minute video on the obesity epidemic
Contributor: Josh SpencerMay 18, 2021Topics:
U.S. News & World Report Logo. Report: COVID-19 Exacerbates Obesity, Health Inequity in States Mississippi had the highest rate of obesity in 2019 while Colorado was home to the lowest rate of obesity, according to a recent report.
Contributor: Josh SpencerMay 13, 2021Topics:
military-com The ACFT and the Problems with the Military's Cult of Physical Fitness
Contributor: Josh SpencerMay 6, 2021Topics:
TEDx Obesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling Lieutenant General Mark Hertling addresses the issue of obesity as a national security issue.
Contributor: Josh SpencerMay 6, 2021Topics:
new-york-times-logo-270x270 Leave Fat Kids Alone The “war on childhood obesity” has only caused shame.
Contributor: Francesca CiminoNovember 14, 2020Topics:
Contributor: Francesca CiminoJune 5, 2020Topics: / / Keywords: / / /
thriving-in-scrubs Thriving in Scrubs: Doctor's Orders Why is it so hard to take our own good advice about maintaining health? We talk to Barbara, an internal medicine physician about nutrition, and consider why doctors don’t take their own advice about sleep and exercise and other good habits.
Contributor: Adam SapersteinOctober 30, 2019Topics: / / / / / / Keywords: / /
Atlantic The Weight I Carry (10min read) The author shares an inside look on how he feels about the weight he carries, from the worry he has riding the subway to the way he plans which restaurants will have the right combination of tables and booths to seat him. He talks about what makes him eat and what makes him want to lose weight. It's gripping and honest. Worthwhile read.
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Contributor: Francesca CiminoNovember 15, 2018Topics: / Keywords: / / /
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