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cdc-logoThe Obesity Epidemic 7 minute video on the obesity epidemic
U.S. News & World Report Logo.Report: COVID-19 Exacerbates Obesity, Health Inequity in States Mississippi had the highest rate of obesity in 2019 while Colorado was home to the lowest rate of obesity, according to a recent report.
military-comThe ACFT and the Problems with the Military's Cult of Physical Fitness
TEDxObesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling Lieutenant General Mark Hertling addresses the issue of obesity as a national security issue.
wamu-88-5Why Willing Yourself To Be Less Anxious Doesn’t Work — And What Actually Helps Instead COVID-19 and its impact on our mental health and anxiety
Washington-PostCoronavirus is testing those of us with anxiety. We need to have mental health help available when the pandemic ends.
academic-medicine-logoMedical Humanities: the Rx for Uncertainty? Renowned physician author Danielle Ofri makes the case for how the humanities offer not only well-being for physicians but also make us better doctors through growing wisdom from knowledge and building creativity, all of which help us embrace the inherent uncertainty in medicine.
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BBC explores COVID
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Washington-PostSay her name: Dr. Susan Moore Op ed about the life and death of Dr. Susan Moore, a black family physician who died of COVID in December, after recording a post relating her racist treatment while a patient.
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