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military-comThe ACFT and the Problems with the Military's Cult of Physical Fitness
TEDxObesity is a National Security Issue: Lieutenant General Mark Hertling Lieutenant General Mark Hertling addresses the issue of obesity as a national security issue.
wamu-88-5Why Willing Yourself To Be Less Anxious Doesn’t Work — And What Actually Helps Instead COVID-19 and its impact on our mental health and anxiety
Washington-PostCoronavirus is testing those of us with anxiety. We need to have mental health help available when the pandemic ends.
academic-medicine-logoMedical Humanities: the Rx for Uncertainty? Renowned physician author Danielle Ofri makes the case for how the humanities offer not only well-being for physicians but also make us better doctors through growing wisdom from knowledge and building creativity, all of which help us embrace the inherent uncertainty in medicine.
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BBC explores COVID
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Washington-PostSay her name: Dr. Susan Moore Op ed about the life and death of Dr. Susan Moore, a black family physician who died of COVID in December, after recording a post relating her racist treatment while a patient.
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Washington-PostPPE-clad doctor comforts lonely elderly covid 19 patient The doctor's new role: family member, hug, hand...heartbreaking photo shows PPE-clad doctor comforting lonely, elderly covid-19 patient
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nejm_logo1aReentry This is a NEJM perspective piece written by a palliative care doctor in NYC in light of the COVID pandemic. A snippet: "From March to June 2020, I led a palliative care team embedded in our hospital’s Covid ICU. We spoke to countless families over the phone and by Zoom calls to tell them their loved ones were critically ill, getting sicker, and eventually, dying. When the prognosis seemed dire, we recommended transitioning to comfort-focused care. And in patients’ final hours and days, we held iPads at their bedsides so that family members around the world could say goodbye."
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