New York Times How Measurement Fails Doctors and Teachers An op-ed looking at how we measure and reward doctors and teachers, and how that doesn't really get us the outcomes we want from those professionals.
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New York Times My near miss A doctor relays a close call with a patient's diagnosis...the "near miss" - a mistake that could have cost the patient serious harm, but didn't.
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navy-medical-corps1 Navy Medical Corps Career Blog CDR Schofer's blog is geared towards providing important career planning advice and information for Navy physicians and Medical Corps officers. His blog offers literature to read, resourceful links, an interactive chat and Podcast.
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aafp-capital-rgb2_1024x512b Easing Into Your New Practice After Residency Dr. Block outlines 6 tips for a successful transition into practicing after residency.
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association-of-american-medical-colleges Understanding the Transition from Resident to Attending Physician Are new attending physicians adequately prepared and trained to perform the tasks and duties of their new position? This Transdisciplinary, Qualitative study aims to figure this out. The authors also provide some insight into easing the transition from resident and attending physicians.
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