nejm "Be Careful. He's Violent." How quickly do we label patients as difficult rather then taking the time to realize they may be scared and feeling powerless? When was it deemed OK to let professionalism slip due to a challenging patient?
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Harvard Business Review What Bosses Gain by Being Vulnerable Bosses that are vulnerable with their employees show them trust and hope, allowing their employees to reciprocate feelings of connection and loyalty.
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TheRoot-Logo Study: Doctors Have Less-Sympathetic Nonverbal Communication With Dying Black Patients A study showing how doctor body language can unintentionally create feelings of mistrust from patients of different race.
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Annals-IM-LOGO1 Our Family Secrets by Anonymous This essay describes two situations in which physicians' actions go far past inappropriate. While the physicians described are both from a given specialty, inappropriate behaviors occur in all fields of healthcare, even if they are rarely discussed. What may be the most challenging and (and beneficial) part of reading this essay is that it can lead us into a consideration of our own past inappropriate actions .
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