Resources My First Transgender Changing Room Fail Male-to-female transgender individual recounts her first experience on a shopping outing in her identity gender. Focuses on the struggle of making others understand the form of acceptance that most transgendered individuals hope for.
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New York Times Inspired By Denise, by Kevin M. Kelly A reflection on what it is like to witness a loved one’s diagnosis, treatment and continued life after recovering from a brain tumor.
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Resilience Culture of Dying - Justin Ritchie and Seth Moser-Katz interview Stephen Jenkinson interviews Stephen Jackson about our cultural difficulty with death and how to overcome it.
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NPR Bedside Manner: Conversation with Patients About Death - Dr. Pauline Chen & Dr. Beth Lown Doctors often struggle with conversations about death. A reflection on how difficult situations can be made even more so when doctors are less than forthcoming about death and dying.
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