Military Times image Wounded troops battle obstacles to sex and intimacy A Military Times piece looking at how the DoD is addressing sex/intimacy after injury and how they are faring.
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Atlantic Repairing wounded soldiers' sex lives A look at how the DoD is trying to help veterans with sexual dysfunction after illness and disability.
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TEDx Our Story of Rape and Reconciliation In this TED talk, the speakers talk about their trials and tribulations dealing with their experience of one night that went wrong that lead to years of pain and sorrow. Their story sheds a new light on dealing with and recovering from a sexual encounter gone wrong.
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slate_facebook_icon Why Doctors Need to Ask Patients about Sexuality and Gender Identity A patient’s history like sexual practices, gender-related surgery, identification, or plans for self-treatment, are all part of the larger picture of the patient’s life and health. This article highlights that providers cannot chose to ignore these practices any more than they can choose to ignore what medications their patients are currently taking and must take a complete history.
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TEDx Ash Beckham: We're all hiding something. Let's find the courage to open up. In this touching talk, Ash Beckham offers a fresh approach to empathy and openness. It starts with understanding that everyone, at some point in their life, has experienced hardship. The only way out, says Beckham, is to open the door and step out of your closet.
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New York Times From He to She in First Grade Whose more afraid - you, or your child? One mother describes the love and worry that came with fully-supporting her child's transition.
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washington post One third of millennials now say they're less than 100% straight More and more young Americans agree that sexuality varies along a continuum.
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New York Times When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? If parents don't talk about sex, and doctors don't talk about sex, and abstinence is reinforced in schools, where are our kids turning for knowledge?
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YouTube Morgan Givens in Story District's Top Shelf Morgan Givens was infatuated with a woman he met at the gym. Here, he shares his experiences dating and communicating that he is transgender.
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