Weight bias in health care This is a video created by UConn's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity dramatizing the types of biases - overt and otherwise - that often occur for obese patients in the healthcare setting.
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this american life logo Tell Me I'm Fat Let's change our perspective on how we view being fat.
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New York Times Parents Should Avoid Comments on a Child's Weight What do you do when you see your child gaining weight? How do you address it? Studies show that commenting on weight directly - although tempting - is not the answer.
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intraininglogo21 Doctors Don't Like Fat People The overwhelming belief that patients struggling with overweight/obesity do so out of a weakness in willpower still prevails in the medical community.
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medium_logo_detail The Easiest Way to Lose 125 Pounds Is to Gain 175 Pounds Gain insight into one man's path to weightloss, and better understand the challenges, struggles, and barriers - psychologically and physically - to make this journey a success.
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NPR Money Replaces Willpower In Programs Promoting Weight Loss by Yuki Noguchi Should overweight and obese workers who do not exercise pay higher premiums? What about those who have a normal BMI but eat poorly? Fundamentally, can financial incentives and disincentives help people become healthier and if so, should they be employed?
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New York Times Obesity Is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years by Gina Kolata Experts say the results of a major 2014 study may reshape approaches to combating the nation’s obesity epidemic, suggesting that efforts must start much earlier and focus more on the children at greatest risk.
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New York Times How Sleep Loss Adds to Weight Gain by Anahad O’Connor Losing sleep causes a change in the way the brain responds to fattening food and sweets causing people to eat more and gain weight.
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New York Times Tiger Mom, Meet Diet Enforcer by Julie Bosman Dara-Lynn Weiss, frustrated and concerned about her 7-year-old daughter’s weight, put her on a strict diet, wrote about it in Vogue, and then signed a book deal. Should she be condemned? lauded?, both? neither?
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