New York Times Too Old for Sex? Not at This Nursing Home. Respecting the fact that the elderly still yearn for intimacy and relationships, this nursing home works to create guidelines and opportunity for those that are interested.
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Pulse What's Love Got To Do With It? In this story about a geriatric patient asking her doctor about cosmetic surgery and sexual intercourse, physician H Lee Kagan discusses the real struggle to push personal biases aside and keep a professional demeanor.
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New York Times Old Age, From Youth's Narrow Prism by Marc Agronin This poignant article about a physician’s reaction to an elderly patient offers an insight into what can happen when we assume that other people’s personal context is the same as our own.
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unnamed Doctors Guilty Of Ageism? Providers' biases and assumptions about the elderly impact the care they receive, often for the worse. Can senior citizen mentors change this?
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The New Yorker Failure and Rescue by Atul Gawande The difference between good and great healthcare is not fewer mistakes, it is more rescues.
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