New York Times Injecting Drugs can ruin a heart - how many second chances should a user get? A life-threatening heart infection afflicts a growing number of people who inject opioids or meth. Costly surgery can fix it, but the addiction often goes unaddressed.
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NPR An Ill Newborn, A Loving Family And A Litany of Wrenching Choices A family's premature, newborn son fighting for his life in the NICU, and the debate families and doctors often have about how to long to keep fighting, and when to let go.
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Atlantic A Case for Shaming Obese People, Tastefully by Lindsay Abrams Should social pressure and vigorous government action be used to curb the rates of obesity in America?
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New York Times Choosing to Die After a Struggle with Life by Robin Marantz Henig Conclusion to the previous piece. A loved one’s struggle to match their dying partner’s resolve as they approach the end of life and determining a ‘good’ death.
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New York Times A Life-or-Death Situation by Robin Marantz Henig A discussion of the inherently personal nature of the concept of the end of life and the decisions that occur along with it. A patient’s decision, a loved one’s struggle and where should healthcare fit in?
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