JOCO Beautiful Imperfections Dr. Boulay writes of how his patient, Judy, who died of cancer after her seven-year battle, helped him recognize what was truly important in his life and the value of self-forgiveness.
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NYT My Last Day As A Surgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi, struggling with lung cancer, remarks on the emotional proceedings of his last day in the OR, taking in every experience knowing they were his last.
Contributor: Karlen BaderJanuary 21, 2016Topics: Keywords: / / /
NYT My Marriage Didn't End When I Became a Widow Dr. Lucy Kalanithi writes about her husband's passing and how she found a way to keep him present in her life will making a life of her own as well.
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NYT How Long Have I Got Left? Neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi describes his own experience with cancer and facing mortality - and how it's opened his eyes to what patients want to hear and how doctors can best advise them.
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washington post Doctors need to learn about dying, too Dr. Michael Nisco addresses the importance of training physicians in appropriately navigating discussions with their patients on the subjects of death and dying.
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Radiolab Sight Unseen (must download to hear) Listen to a family's reaction after learning that their son's death had been documented by a photographer embedded with a medevac team in Afghanistan.
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TEDx Jean-Paul Mari: The chilling aftershock of a brush with death Journalist Jean-Paul Mari talks about his brush with death when a shell hit the building he was reporting from in Bahgdad. This discussion delves into the unseen scars that those who struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder must endure.
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NPR Hard Conversations About How To Die Dealing with both Alzheimer's and prostate cancer a man discusses his options and decisions with his doctor and his spouse
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New York Times Murderer in the Mirror by Scott Eggener A surgeon recalls the devastation of the first time a patient died on the operating table.
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