USU Reflective Practice Assessment rubric

    Beginning   Developing   Capable   Skilled
(identifying emotions)
Little or no recognition or attention to emotions Recognition but no exploration or attention to emotions Recognition, exploration and attention to emotions Recognition, exploration, attention to emotions. Appears to have gained emotional insight.
Personal context No connection to personal context Shares experiences, but doesn’t connect reactions to specific personal life experiences Clearly connects feelings / thoughts to personal life experiences Connects reactions to multiple layers of either personal life experiences, family, community, or other context.
Impact/Implications No connection between reaction and consequences for patient care. Attempts to connect reactions to consequences for patient care, but more theoretical than realistic. Clearly connects the reaction explicitly to consequences in patient care. Perspective transformed after reflection – implications for temporary or permanent help or harm in patient care clearly described.
Review / Summary Little or no attempt to label bias, or attempt to consider a lesson learned. Labels bias, beginning to consider implications of bias, and starting to create a plan to adjust approach to care Labels bias or perspective, or reflects on the impact their reactions/ context/ impact has on care and/or how this topic affected their perspective on the future Clear connection to bias, able to articulate how they’ve grown / changed and what plans they have to respond to future challenges.
Comments and discussion; Group Participation Rarely engages with other group members on the pertinent issues and discussion
* Participates little only superficially
* Comments consistently
off-topic and/or derail the conversation.
* Communication (Verbal/non-verbal) demonstrates limited engagement
* Uninterested or deterred by interprofessional interactions
Mostly engaged, and adds thoughts, but contributes little and doesn’t challenge the discussion

Actively listens and may seek clarification / other’s perspective but may struggle to do so respectfully.

Engaged, adds thoughtful contributions, actively listens, seeks clarification respectfully and frequently seeks other opinions Actively engaged, questions / supports arguments with relevant evidence, introduces new perspectives, seeks others opinions, listens actively and seeks clarification respectfully.

Helps smooth group dynamics and make the interprofessional team conversation flow readily and professionally.