New York Times Oregon Court Allows a Person to Choose Neither Sex Jamie Shupe successfully petitioned to be identified as nonbinary after a whole lifetime of suppressing identity exploration.
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New York Times When Did Porn Become Sex Ed? If parents don't talk about sex, and doctors don't talk about sex, and abstinence is reinforced in schools, where are our kids turning for knowledge?
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Project Implicit Project Implicit A series of implicit association tests that offer insight into our implicit biases.
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YouTube Morgan Givens in Story District's Top Shelf Morgan Givens was infatuated with a woman he met at the gym. Here, he shares his experiences dating and communicating that he is transgender.
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about-moth A Mother's Journey Listen to Catherine's story as she navigates how to support her young daughter in her identity struggle.
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washington post Truth and Transgender at Age 70 Bill Rohr suppressed identifying as female from his family, friends, and colleagues for decades out of fear for losing them all. At 70, to his surprise, he found unwavering support from his wife, Linda, and two children, and underwent surgery to change his external anatomy from male to female.
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buzzfeed Kinsey Scale In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey developed a scale for measuring human sexuality. Where do you think you fall on the scale?
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Pulse What's Love Got To Do With It? In this story about a geriatric patient asking her doctor about cosmetic surgery and sexual intercourse, physician H Lee Kagan discusses the real struggle to push personal biases aside and keep a professional demeanor.
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Pulse Taboo by Ralph B. Freidin Dr. Ralph Friedin addresses how sexual feelings may inevitably occur during an examination, and emphasizes the need to teach students how to navigate such reactions rather then ignore the subject entirely.
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