TEDx The problem with race-based medicine Doctors are making important medical decisions based on race - and this needs to stop. Listen why.
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NYT When Whites Just Don't Get It, Part 6 The job market is not equal for blacks and whites - not even necessarily due to explicit racism, but by at times unconscious, but biased decision-making among white employers.
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slate_facebook_icon Playing the Racist Card Political figures and racism. Where's the line?
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slate_facebook_icon Between the World and Me A book that is hitting every shelf about being black in America
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HuffPost-social-icon-00-default Why White Parents Won't Choose Black Schools Segregation and racism is still extremely prevalent among parents deciding whether to send their children to the neighborhood school.
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NYT A Conversation with Latinos on Race Listen to personal stories about challenges and adversity from the Latino community in this segment of the NY Times' "Conversation on Race" series.
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stat Teaching medical students to challenge 'unscientific' racial categories Dr. Cunningham speaks of the racial stereotypes in medicine that are continuously delivered and poorly addressed in medical school curricula.
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NYT Has Your Student Experienced Racism in High School? Read commentaries from parents and students describing their stories of racism and microaggresions in high school.
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NPR Remembering Anaracha, Lucy and Betsey: The Mothers of Modern Gynecology A discussion on the enslaved women experimented on at the birth of modern gynecology and how some of the bias they experience still occur today in medicine.
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