New York Times The End of Reflection A discussion on our ever-increasing dependence on technological stimuli (cell phone use, for example) and it's effectual loss on our reflective practice capabilities.
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New York Times Why Doctors Care About Happiness "The association of happiness and health remains a potent touchstone in both popular and medical culture. In practical terms, which actually causes the other is less relevant than the fact that both are important."
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TEDx The art of stillness Travel writer Pico Iyer describes the importance of mindfulness and beneficial strategies to incorporate such techniques between the stressors of daily life.
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TEDx Want to be Happy? Slow Down. Follow interviews with Matthieu Richard and Pico Iyer as they describe their journeys in leaving their careers and modern lifestyles behind for the pursuit of mindfulness and happiness.
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TEDx All it takes is 10 mindful minutes Andy Puddicombe teaches the concept of mindfulness and how to practice such techniques in this fun and captivating TED talk presentation.
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HBR Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity Follow an intriguing interview with Ellen Langer as she explains what mindfulness is and how to incorporate it despite the spiraling complexities of modern life.
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Mindfulness Mindfulness Access multiple resources from Psychology Today's Mindfulness website.
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XLargeThumb_00001888-201511000-00000_CV Resident Physician Wellness: A New Hope This article highlights the salient causes of burnout as it applies to present-day resident physicians and the patient care they provide. Moreover, in the wake of the controversy surrounding duty hours reform, a novel approach to resident wellness involving structured resident wellness programs is discussed.
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Pulse Conundrum by Matthew Hirschtritt A third-year medical student’s narrative of wrestling with the discord between the patient he pictured when reading her medical record and the patient he met after walking into the exam room. A contemplation of chronic illness and hidden strengths.
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