New York Times From He to She in First Grade Whose more afraid - you, or your child? One mother describes the love and worry that came with fully-supporting her child's transition.
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cropped-philosophers-eye-logo Interview: Patient Practice for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth Listen to Dr. Christine Aramburu Alegria discuss the importance of training physicians and staff in improved transgender patient practice and in creating a supportive office environment.
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New York Times Oregon Court Allows a Person to Choose Neither Sex Jamie Shupe successfully petitioned to be identified as nonbinary after a whole lifetime of suppressing identity exploration.
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YouTube Morgan Givens in Story District's Top Shelf Morgan Givens was infatuated with a woman he met at the gym. Here, he shares his experiences dating and communicating that he is transgender.
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washington post Truth and Transgender at Age 70 Bill Rohr suppressed identifying as female from his family, friends, and colleagues for decades out of fear for losing them all. At 70, to his surprise, he found unwavering support from his wife, Linda, and two children, and underwent surgery to change his external anatomy from male to female.
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New York Times Transgender, at War and in Love Posted online in June 2015, this 12-minute documentary shares the story of a couple, one deployed to Afghanistan and one at home in Hawaii coping with military regulations as they pertain to being transgender.
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