Strong backs, soft fronts, wild hearts You can listen or read the transcript of the podcast -- discussion of belonging, race, the shields we put up that interfere with our conversation and how to overcome.
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Atlantic Why Women Still Can't Have It All A woman who had one of the most powerful jobs in the State Department stepped down to spend time with her family. She discusses the gender divide in making such a choice, and provides perspective on how the workplace for both women AND men might change if we approach the topic of career and family differently.
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New York Times From He to She in First Grade Whose more afraid - you, or your child? One mother describes the love and worry that came with fully-supporting her child's transition.
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New York Times Oregon Court Allows a Person to Choose Neither Sex Jamie Shupe successfully petitioned to be identified as nonbinary after a whole lifetime of suppressing identity exploration.
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YouTube Morgan Givens in Story District's Top Shelf Morgan Givens was infatuated with a woman he met at the gym. Here, he shares his experiences dating and communicating that he is transgender.
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about-moth A Mother's Journey Listen to Catherine's story as she navigates how to support her young daughter in her identity struggle.
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washington post Truth and Transgender at Age 70 Bill Rohr suppressed identifying as female from his family, friends, and colleagues for decades out of fear for losing them all. At 70, to his surprise, he found unwavering support from his wife, Linda, and two children, and underwent surgery to change his external anatomy from male to female.
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Pulse A Routine Transgender Visit Nate Fondell describes his first experience with a transgender patient and relays his passion for making every patient feel accepted, comfortable, and that they are receiving the best possible care.
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