Pulse Confessions of a 75-Year-Old Drug Addict The story of an older man who struggles with drug addiction after being prescribed high levels of Percocet while recovering from a pelvic fracture, and his struggle and shame in his inability to stay sober.
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New York Times Too Old for Sex? Not at This Nursing Home. Respecting the fact that the elderly still yearn for intimacy and relationships, this nursing home works to create guidelines and opportunity for those that are interested.
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NY_Mag_com_lockup Sex and Love in Retirement For the elderly residents of Flushing House, finding one’s soul mate is something of a quaint notion. Mating, however, is not. Forming new relationships in the nursing home.
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Atlantic Elderly Couples Dance to their Wedding songs Four elderly couples, some traditional some non-traditional, dance to their wedding songs and describe how they met, when they married, how their relationships have evolved over time and what their marriages mean to them now.
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New York Times Many Found Sexually Active Into the 70's by Benedict Carey Providers often do not ask patients about their sexuality, especially when their patients are elderly...and that would be a mistake.
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New York Times Old Age, From Youth's Narrow Prism by Marc Agronin This poignant article about a physician’s reaction to an elderly patient offers an insight into what can happen when we assume that other people’s personal context is the same as our own.
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