Writers Almanac What the Doctor Said Poem describing a patient's experience when being delivered bad news from their doctor.
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logo&seal A Glimmer of my Mother CPT Harris shares his experience with his mother's terminal illness, highlighting the importance of the humanism series he was concurrently taking in medical school.
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NYT At U.S. Hospital, Reflections on 11 Hours and 91 Casualties Dec 21 - a date these soldiers will never forget - where the casualty level greatly surpassed what everyone was prepared for - logistically and emotionally.
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New York Times Patients, and Doctors, Aren't Dying at Home With the majority of Americans dying in hospitals, what do you do when someone asks to die at home? Do you call 911? What are the proceedings? Dr. Danielle Ofri shares her insight.
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New York Times The Rituals of Modern Death Dr. Warraich shares how odd her role feels in the dying process and eventual death of her patients.
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NPR An Ill Newborn, A Loving Family And A Litany of Wrenching Choices A family's premature, newborn son fighting for his life in the NICU, and the debate families and doctors often have about how to long to keep fighting, and when to let go.
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WSJ-Logo wall street No, You Don't Need 'Closure' An oncologist discusses the myth of finding 'closure' in death, but rather to find healthy ways to cope and live with the loss of a loved one.
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JOCO Beautiful Imperfections Dr. Boulay writes of how his patient, Judy, who died of cancer after her seven-year battle, helped him recognize what was truly important in his life and the value of self-forgiveness.
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NYT My Last Day As A Surgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi, struggling with lung cancer, remarks on the emotional proceedings of his last day in the OR, taking in every experience knowing they were his last.
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