New York Times The End of Reflection A discussion on our ever-increasing dependence on technological stimuli (cell phone use, for example) and it's effectual loss on our reflective practice capabilities.
Contributor: Karlen BaderJune 14, 2016Topics: Keywords: / / /
TEDx The art of stillness Travel writer Pico Iyer describes the importance of mindfulness and beneficial strategies to incorporate such techniques between the stressors of daily life.
Contributor: Karlen BaderNovember 12, 2015Topics: Keywords: / / /
XLargeThumb_00001888-201511000-00000_CV Resident Physician Wellness: A New Hope This article highlights the salient causes of burnout as it applies to present-day resident physicians and the patient care they provide. Moreover, in the wake of the controversy surrounding duty hours reform, a novel approach to resident wellness involving structured resident wellness programs is discussed.
Contributor: Scott PetersenNovember 12, 2015Topics: / / Keywords: / / / /