11kristof-master675 The Asian Advantage by Nicholas Kristof The success of minority groups who achieve through education and hard work is often used as an argument that discrimination in the USA is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it's not.
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download Healthcare racial bias Training doctors to spot their own bias
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New York Times Transgender, at War and in Love Posted online in June 2015, this 12-minute documentary shares the story of a couple, one deployed to Afghanistan and one at home in Hawaii coping with military regulations as they pertain to being transgender.
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YouTube The Backwards Brain Bicycle by Destin In what ways are our biases hard-wired? And, once we overcome a bias - do we overcome it, or simply replace it with a new one?
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New York Times Shamed, Flamed, Harassed: What It’s Like To Be Called Fat Online by Anna North A 2014 study on social media interactions that discuss weight demonstrates that the most prevalent theme is derogation and stigma against overweight people with a disproportionate number of the posts criticizing women.
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Medscape Weight Stigma: Doctors Guilty of Prejudice Against Obese, Too by Lisa Nainggolan Healthcare workers, even those who work at hospitals dedicated to research and treatment of obesity, are biased against those who are obese. The healthcare implications are obvious…and worrisome.
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ESPN You Can’t Quit Cold Turkey by Tommy Tomlinson Jared Lorenzen set the record for passing touchdowns at the University of Kentucky and later won a Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants. His last stop was with the Western Kentucky River Monsters, where at well over 320 pounds, he played quarterback. In this story and video, he shares his perspective on his challenges with weight.
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TEDx TEDMED 2013: Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding a Bigger Problem? By Peter Attia Dr. Attia’s perspective on obesity changed when he started to question his own anti-fat bias and assumptions. He now asks, and researches the answer to the question, “Is obesity the cause of insulin resistance or is it a symptom of a deeper problem?”
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NEJM_Logo.svg Bias, Black Lives, and Academic Medicine What are the systemic biases within academic medical centers, and what do they have to do with black lives? Two observations about health care disparities may be relevant.
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