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New York TimesThe Gift at an Ending by Diane Melton An author’s reflection on observing and interacting with her husband as he confronted his mother’s death.
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New York TimesHow Doctors Die: Showing Others the Way by Dan Gorenstein A doctor’s personal account of finding the courage to break the pattern and stop fighting.
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Sounding BoardSounding Board - Death and Dignity - A Case of Individualized Decision Making by Timothy E. Quill, M.D. A doctor’s reflection on how to get to know one’s patient, how to respond to the impending loss of a patient and how to assist a patient in their attempt to die on their own terms.
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The New YorkerLetting Go by Atul Gawande, M.D. What should healthcare do when it can’t save your life?
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NPRHospitals and Families Still Struggle to Define Death by Maanvi Singh Death seems to be one of life’s few certainties...or is it? In this narrative, Maanvi Singh tells the story of the conflict surrounding a 13-year old girl and a 33 year old woman, both kept on life support while legally dead.
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Kevin MDReflecting on DNR/DNI After Being a Code Team Leader by Robert Glass, MD Dr. Pho’ s reflection on talking to patients about DNR/DNI, his reactions to the passing of his patients and the means by which his patients die.
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Journal of General Internal MedicineDying for the First Time by Jesse Kane, MS III Sackler SOM A medical student’s reflection on the first patient he watched die - a story of observing a Code run in the hospital. Brief and poignant.
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