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NPR"Erasing Death" Explores the Science of Resuscitation by Sam Parnia, M.D. Dr. Sam Parnia, a critical care doctor and director of resuscitation research at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine, studies what people experience between the moment that their heart stops beating and after they have been resuscitated.
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NPRA Busy ER Doctor Slows Down to Help Patients Cope with Adversity by Annie Feidt A view of palliative care and one doctor’s journey into the oft misunderstood speciality.
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NPR"Still Point": A Mediation on Mothering a Dying Child - Emily Rapp The struggles and emotions experienced parenting a child with Tay-Sachs disease.
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NPRBedside Manner: Conversation with Patients About Death - Dr. Pauline Chen & Dr. Beth Lown Doctors often struggle with conversations about death. A reflection on how difficult situations can be made even more so when doctors are less than forthcoming about death and dying.
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YouTube“Last Day” - Chapter 21 - Charlotte’s Web - As Read by E.B. White Many of us first confronted death when reading books in our childhood, including E.B. White’s classic, Charlotte’s Web. Those of you who are parents have or will soon have the opportunity to re-read this with their children, something that will vividly demonstrate how one's individual context can change over time. Here, for your contemplation of your reaction then and now, is chapter 21 – Last Day, read in the author’s voice.
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YouTube“To One Who Will Shortly Die” - Poem by Walt Whitman (Read Aloud) A poem about impending loss.
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New York TimesChoosing to Die After a Struggle with Life by Robin Marantz Henig Conclusion to the previous piece. A loved one’s struggle to match their dying partner’s resolve as they approach the end of life and determining a ‘good’ death.
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New York TimesA Life-or-Death Situation by Robin Marantz Henig A discussion of the inherently personal nature of the concept of the end of life and the decisions that occur along with it. A patient’s decision, a loved one’s struggle and where should healthcare fit in?
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New York TimesThe Gift at an Ending by Diane Melton An author’s reflection on observing and interacting with her husband as he confronted his mother’s death.
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