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New York TimesDoctor Priorities vs. Patient Priorities by Danielle Ofri Doctors and patients can have contrasting agendas, viewed through different lenses. The key is not trying to change someone else’s lens, but rather, appreciating the value of their perspective.
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New York TimesDoctor, Shut Up and Listen by Nirmal Joshi Listening and empathy aren’t just tools to help us be nicer – they improve patient outcomes.
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TEDxWhy Veterans Miss War by Sebastian Junger War correspondent and anthropologist Sebastian Junger, who spent many months embedded with US soldiers in the Korengal valley of Afghanistan, helps us understand why veterans miss war.
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TEDxThe Emotion Behind Invention by Dean Kamen Dean Kamen, one of, if not the key figure in prosthetic development over the last decade shares the motivation for his work.
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YouTubeRadiolab: 23 Weeks & 6 days When Kelley Benham and her husband Tom French finally got pregnant, after many attempts and a good deal of technological help, everything was perfect. Until it wasn't. Their story raises questions that, until recently, no parent had to face… and that are still nearly impossible to answer.
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NPRTrapped in His Body for 12 Years, A Man Breaks Free by Lulu Miller (NPR) At the age of 12, Martin developed a mysterious illness. Over the next 2 years, he progressively lost his ability to communicate, until, at age 14, he entered what his parents were told was a permanent vegetative state. Two years later he began to “wake up”; 10 years after that he was able to finally communicate again.
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The New YorkerFailure and Rescue by Atul Gawande The difference between good and great healthcare is not fewer mistakes, it is more rescues.
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Duke MedicineWhat Would you Do if It Were Your Kid? By David Korones, MD While healthcare workers are frequently asked the question, “What would you do if this were your loved one?” answering it remains a great challenge.
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New York TimesA Life Lesson Learned in Medical School Maggie Kozel’s first patient cured her of certainty forever.
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