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Washington-PostFor People with Disabilities, Doctors Are Not Always Healers by Leana S. Wen Some of the hardest (and most valuable lessons) come during internship year. Such was the case for Dr. Leanna Wen, who faced her fears about medical discrimination when caring for the patient in ER bed #3.
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New York TimesWhen Doctors Discriminate by Juliann Garey On average, people who have mental illness die 25 years earlier than those without one. Could this be due (at least in part) to a disparity in the care they receive as a result of healthcare workers’ stigma?
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New York TimesInspired By Denise, by Kevin M. Kelly A reflection on what it is like to witness a loved one’s diagnosis, treatment and continued life after recovering from a brain tumor.
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New York TimesPatient Voices: First-Person Narratives and Interactive Forums- NY Times A collection of first person accounts of the changes, challenges and rewards patients face as they cope with living with a diagnosis of a chronic disease, mental illness or condition.
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Washington-PostI’m an atheist psychiatrist. Should I see patients who believe in God? by Jean Kim Respecting an individual’s perspective and the way they relate to the world is a tenet of high-quality healthcare. How should that play out in discussions about religion and spirituality?
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New York TimesDoctor Priorities vs. Patient Priorities by Danielle Ofri Doctors and patients can have contrasting agendas, viewed through different lenses. The key is not trying to change someone else’s lens, but rather, appreciating the value of their perspective.
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New York TimesDoctor, Shut Up and Listen by Nirmal Joshi Listening and empathy aren’t just tools to help us be nicer – they improve patient outcomes.
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TEDxWhy Veterans Miss War by Sebastian Junger War correspondent and anthropologist Sebastian Junger, who spent many months embedded with US soldiers in the Korengal valley of Afghanistan, helps us understand why veterans miss war.
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TEDxThe Emotion Behind Invention by Dean Kamen Dean Kamen, one of, if not the key figure in prosthetic development over the last decade shares the motivation for his work.
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