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RadiolabIn the Running by Diane Van Deren / Mark Phillips Interview Diane Van Deren is one of the best ultra-runners in the world, and it all started with a seizure.
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NY_Mag_com_lockupThe Day I Started Lying to Ruth by Peter B. Bach An oncologist’s account of losing his wife to cancer. An intimate look at how healthcare, relationships, personal desires, expectations, and promises all intersect and influence our lives.
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susu_facingSuleika Jaouad “Health is about adding life to years, not years to life.” A personal website discussing various events, interactions, struggles and celebrations living with cancer and surviving afterwards.
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New York TimesLife, Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad Cancer is not a gift, especially not at 22. But it can change you, prompting you to learn a few things along the way. A young woman’s blogging account of being diagnosed, treated and living with leukemia with her 20s.
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PulseConundrum by Matthew Hirschtritt A third-year medical student’s narrative of wrestling with the discord between the patient he pictured when reading her medical record and the patient he met after walking into the exam room. A contemplation of chronic illness and hidden strengths.
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Positive ExposureBeauty is in the Eye of the Beholder by Dr. Nancy Snyderman Photographer Rick Guidotti is a renowned fashion photographer who has worked in Milan, Paris and New York. Fifteen years ago, he saw the images of patients in medical textbooks and the experience changed his life.
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PulseThe Pros and Cons of Living with a Terminal Illness by Ellen Diamond An interesting perspective describing ways that a chronic or terminal illness can have advantages as well as disadvantages.
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PulseDance in Three Movements by Anna Schmidt A vivid description of life with rheumatoid arthritis, including one woman’s description of giving birth with this condition and concerns about how it will impact her ability to raise her child.
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PulseIn Sickness and in Health by Larry Zaroff One couple’s response to the question of which is worse - losing a loved one or being with them through an unremitting illness that limits your life as well as theirs?
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