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emrap-iconSuicide Risk in Physicians This 26-minute podcast explores the burden of medical trainee/physician suicide and discusses barriers physician face in seeking help.
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YouTubeUnderstanding Microaggressions a brief look at defining microaggression - 2 min!
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MedscapePatient prejudice: when credentials aren't enough What happens when the patients can't see beyond skin color?
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Shame! Self-stigmatisation as an obstacle to sick doctors returning to work: a qualitative study Shame, invincibility, self-stigmatization...a fascinating study of the difficult and complicated process of returning to work for impaired physicians.
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How one program achieved resident wellness, work-life balance An overview of a general surgery training program's response (Balance in Life program) after one of its graduates committed suicide.
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Measuring a doctor's performance: personality, health and well-being This editorial discusses the individual and system complexities affecting physician performance and calls for improved remediation processes within the British health system.
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statWe might be able to end Sickle Cell Disease, but signing Black Americans up for the trials could prove difficult We might be able to end sickle cell disease but only if we can test it on the population it affects the most.
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TED_light_200x200Ted Radio Hour: CONFRONTING STIGMA a look at how we stigmatize mental illness, addiction, and other things - and ways to address that issue.
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NYTDoctors, Revolt! The real work is compassion, empathy, and listening....
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