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TED_light_200x200Ted Radio Hour: CONFRONTING STIGMA a look at how we stigmatize mental illness, addiction, and other things - and ways to address that issue.
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NYTDoctors, Revolt! The real work is compassion, empathy, and listening....
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nbc#metoo hits medicine Sexual inappropriateness abounds at all levels of medicine and medical training, although there has been a shift generationally. Here's a look at some perspectives of the "culture" of medicine.
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guardianDo men get better medical treatment? A recent study showed the women receive less CPR than men, but they also are consistently treated less commonly for pain and several other conditions. Why?
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Dealing with the Difficult Physician a look at the various types of difficult providers we face in medical practice at times.
aafp-capital-rgb2_1024x512bDealing with the Impaired Physician
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mscp-logoDo Physicians Health Programs Increase Physician Suicides? Log-In required (registration is free). Dr. Pamela Wible is a family physician who has herself struggled with suicide, and is now an expert in medical student and physician suicide prevention.
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mscp-logoGripping Interview: How One Addicted Doctor Recovered Log-in required (registration is free). Dr. Cheryl Karcher, MD, a dermatologist, shares her experience with addiction and her process of recovery.
YouTubeThe Impaired Physician Dr. Richard Gunderman, a pediatric radiologist, presents an overview of physician impairment.
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