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In on the (Racist) Joke Two soldiers discuss their reactions to and feelings about being complicit with racist joking in their military careers, and what to do next.
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Racism in Medicine
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Washington-PostAsian American doctors and nurses are fighting racism and the coronavirus This story looks into the bias and racism Asian-Americans experience on the job in the medical profession.
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bbUnlocking Us: Comparative Suffering, the 50/50 Myth, and Settling the Ball (24min) We have collectively hit weary. This is especially true for the brave folks on the front lines of this pandemic and for the people who love and support them. And, it’s also true for all of us. In this episode, Brene Brown talks about strategies for falling apart, staying connected + kind, and giving ourselves permission to feel hard things.
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new-york-times-logo-270x270Embracing the Uncertainties While the unknowns about coronavirus abound, a new study finds we ‘can handle the truth.’
tal-imageThis American Life: The Test The coronavirus has now fully arrived in the United States. This week, stories of people trying to rise to that challenge, in some pretty extreme situations.
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nejm_logo1aSuicide - Rewriting My Story A resident shares his story of depression and suicidal ideation.
NPRKids and Coronavirus: a comic and quick listen (3min)