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Washington-PostPPE-clad doctor comforts lonely elderly covid 19 patient The doctor's new role: family member, hug, hand...heartbreaking photo shows PPE-clad doctor comforting lonely, elderly covid-19 patient
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nejm_logo1aReentry This is a NEJM perspective piece written by a palliative care doctor in NYC in light of the COVID pandemic. A snippet: "From March to June 2020, I led a palliative care team embedded in our hospital’s Covid ICU. We spoke to countless families over the phone and by Zoom calls to tell them their loved ones were critically ill, getting sicker, and eventually, dying. When the prognosis seemed dire, we recommended transitioning to comfort-focused care. And in patients’ final hours and days, we held iPads at their bedsides so that family members around the world could say goodbye."
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Washington-PostAs they rush to save lives, health care workers are updating their own wills and funeral plans The coronavirus crisis has forced those at the front lines of treatment to confront their own mortality. This article highlights a former Navy ER physician.
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new-york-times-logo-270x270‘I Couldn’t Do Anything’: The Virus and an E.R. Doctor’s Suicide Dr. Breen was unflappable - until she faced a new enemy.
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new-york-times-logo-270x270Leave Fat Kids Alone The “war on childhood obesity” has only caused shame.
RadioLabThe Fix (40min) Radiolab podcast: This episode we take a sober look at the throbbing, aching, craving desire states that return people (again and again) to the object of their addiction … and the pills that just might set them free.
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screen-shot-2020-11-11-at-3-23-48-pmA Doctor's Love Affair with Vicodin (25min) “Medicine is a land of opportunity for a drug addict.” Take Dr. Peter Grinspoon’s word for it. The Harvard-trained physician spent years abusing painkillers, infatuated with the feeling of euphoria that he got from the drugs. This is the story of his addiction and recovery.
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screen-shot-2020-10-25-at-3-12-55-amAddressing Anti-Black Racism in Medicine Listen as our esteemed guest Dr. Utibe Essien MD, MPH @UREssien walks us through key terminology and evidence necessary to understand anti-Black racism in medicine. Dr. Essien provides insights into ways that racism impacts our work in the clinical and academic settings and offers approaches for addressing anti-Black racism in these settings.
jama-iconA Silent curriculum A medical student reflects on the issues of race as she is learning them in medical school - WORTH THE ACCESS! Get article in full text through the LRC.