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The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine
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KevinMDCan Doctors See Beyond Patients' Weight? A sibling shares his account of his sister's weight loss, the commentary and judgment that accompanied it, and the terrible outcome of its aftermath.
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tedmed_wh_rgbThe Opportunity of Adversity Aimee Mullins, paralympian, model, advocate, describes the use of the word "disabled" and how changing our understanding of that word would help shape the experience of our patients in a positive way.
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AtlanticWhy Women Still Can't Have It All A woman who had one of the most powerful jobs in the State Department stepped down to spend time with her family. She discusses the gender divide in making such a choice, and provides perspective on how the workplace for both women AND men might change if we approach the topic of career and family differently.
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TEDEverything you think you know about addiction is wrong
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The New YorkerWhen Doctors Tell Patients What They Don't Want To Hear
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USU joins opioid fight A discussion with (ret) Col Buckenmaier re: the renewed evaluation of pain management and opioid addiction in the military.
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huffpostOur Compassion is Being Challenged -- the Opioid crisis in America a military veteran and physician talks about the crisis in West Virginia and the country about the opioid addiction epidemic.
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New York TimesThe "Madman" is back in the building A look at mental illness in the office place.
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