Name: Adam Saperstein
Title/Position: Director, Reflective Practice
Department: SOM/GSN, Uniformed Services University
Specialties: Family Medicine
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 301-295-3632

Faculty Bio

I am a Navy Family Physician currently stationed at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD. I enjoy soccer, live theater, and reading fiction.


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Course ID Course Number Course Name Course Title Instructor Room Number Days Time
RP301 – Medical Metacognition: Thinking in Action Small group info. Panel info.
WR OB/GYN - Communication RP401 – Session 1.1: Communication
WR OB/GYN - Insecurity & Vulnerability RP401 – Session 1.3: Vulnerability
Thinking on Action - Bias RP401 – Session 1.4: Bias MDL Rooms - See WSIB 3/6/2015 0730-0900
RP401 – Session 2 – Us and Them
RP401 – Session 2.2: Resilience
RP101 - Sexuality RP401 – Session 3.3: Sexuality 4/15/16 @ 1830-2130; see email for location
RP401 – Session 3.4: Mistakes
RP401 – Session 4.4: The Road Ahead
WR OB/GYN - Guilt & Shame RP401 – Session 6 – Guilt and Shame